Algae treatment for ponds

With over 10 years of expertise in aquaculture, Essex Aquatics are the go-to experts for algae treatment for ponds and lakes in Essex. After assessing your pond or lake, our team can provide a clear action plan and quote to resolve algae issues in your pond or lake and bring it back to life.

Serving public and commercial clients in Essex and London, some of the other services we specialise in are lake construction and dredging, pond building, pond repairs and pond maintenance and cleaning services.

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What is Algae?

Algae thrive in water bodies with lots of nutrients, especially in warm, sunny conditions. Although essential for a healthy aquatic environment, an imbalance in nutrients or conditions can lead to excessive algae growth overgrowth, disrupting the local ecosystem and affecting the appearance and health of your lake or pond.

Different types of algae include:

Blue-green algae: Blue-green algae grow in warm, nutrient-rich water and can form a blue-green layer on top of the water. Blue-green algae produce toxins, which can be extremely harmful to aquatic animals and to humans or pets that are exposed to water containing blue-green algae and can become very sick.

String Algae: String algae are slimy, hair-like algae that cling to things in the water, such as rocks and plants. When they overgrow, they cover large areas. Unlike blue-green algae, they’re not dangerous but can take over a pond or lake, making it look messy.

Blanket Weed: A type of filamentous algae that forms thick green mats that float on the water. These algae grow quickly and use a lot of oxygen, which can harm fish and plants. They also block sunlight from reaching underwater plants.

Our Algae Management Services

At Essex Aquatics, we offer prevention and removal algae treatment for ponds or lakes to keep them in a healthy condition. We tailor our algae management strategies to fit your lake or pond’s needs, ensuring a healthy and beautiful aquatic environment.

Algae Prevention

The best way to deal with algae is to prevent it from overgrowing in the first place. Our expert team does this by controlling the water nutrients that algae need to grow through regular cleaning, a service we offer to remove debris and invasive plants. Planting the right aquatic plants can also be beneficial, as they compete with algae for nutrients.

Algae Removal

When algae becomes a problem, our aquatics specialists have safe and effective ways at remove it from ponds. For more significant types of algae, like string algae or blanket weed, we physically remove them using tools like rakes or nets, which are effective for large, visible algae. 


Professional Algae treatment for ponds in Essex

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