Fisheries Consulting Services

At Essex Aquatics, our experienced team has worked for some of the UK’s most prestigious still-and-running water fisheries in the UK. 

We ensure all operations align with the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD) and other relevant legislations, committing to environmentally responsible practices in all our fishery management and consultancy endeavours.

From designing and building fish farms to stocking and stock management, contact us to find out how we can support your needs.

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Recreational Fishery Management

We manage a wide range of recreational fishery types, such as:

Self-Sustaining Salmonid Fisheries: Focused on rivers or lakes where salmonid species (such as Salmon, Trout, and Grayling) reproduce naturally.

Stocked Salmonid Fisheries: Involving rivers or lakes stocked with salmonid species, our experienced team carefully manage this to prevent ecological impacts. 

Self-Sustaining Coarse Fisheries: River or lake fisheries with naturally occurring coarse fish populations, often utilising catch and release strategies to ensure ongoing survival.

Stocked Coarse Fisheries: Most fisheries in the UK fall into this category. We manage these increasingly popular fisheries for both financial and ecological success.

Fishery management services we offer include:


Specialised Fishery Management from our experienced team 

Lake and River Management

No matter the water body’s size or the issue’s complexity, our expertise extends to lake and river management. We provide tailored advice and solutions to ensure optimal ecological balance and functionality.

Collaborations and Assessments

We collaborate with various organisations, including fishing clubs, local councils, landowners, and businesses such as golf clubs and hotels. 

Our fisheries consulting service includes:

  • Site visits from our experienced team, 
  • Detailed reports that form a complete evaluation and assessment of the state of your fishery or lake


At Essex Aquatics, we offer a professional fisheries consulting and management service from our team of experts.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and how we can support you.