Koi Pond Builders

With over a decade of experience, Essex Aquatics specialises in bespoke koi pond building in Essex. 

Koi ponds bring an eco-system pond that requires very little maintenance. We can build a variety of different koi ponds allowing you to draw on your garden’s current landscape or your future vision.

We treat every koi pond construction project individually to ensure we create the perfect koi pond for every garden’s specific needs. Our koi pond construction process consists of design, installation and maintenance, so we are here to support your vision every step of the way.

As part of our koi pond design and build services, we also supply and work with:

  • Rubberised pond liners
  • Custom bespoke pond liners
  • Pond paint
  • Fibre glassing

As approved contractors specialising in Firestone and rubber lining, Essex Aquatics is equipped to offer a range of material options for your koi pond. We are also registered suppliers for Oases, enabling us to provide a variety of choices that cater to your budget and specific pond requirements. Our expertise and partnerships ensure that you receive high-quality materials and supplies tailored to your project.

We also offer koi pond repair services, ensuring that any issues with your pond are expertly addressed to maintain its beauty and functionality.

Contact Essex Aquatics for a professional consultation and quote, and let us transform your garden with a custom koi pond.


EXperienced Koi Pond Builders in Essex

Koi Pond Windows

Koi pond windows allow you to appreciate the beauty of your Japanese koi fish throughout the year. As part of your koi pond’s design process, we can include a koi pond window that ensures a stunning view of your fish and adds a unique feature to your garden.

Koi Pond Filtration

At Essex Aquatics, we understand the importance of effective filtration for the health and aesthetics of your koi pond. Our expertise allows us to recommend and install the best filtration systems tailored to your pond’s needs.

Our preferred method involves using a bottom drain, which forms the foundation of a complete filtration system. This system can include various components, from UV units to pond heaters. We also use gravel filters/wetland filters, which can be a natural and effective solution to filtering your custom koi pond. These systems are commonly used in natural swimming ponds, allowing the water to filtrate naturally.

Our knowledgeable team chooses each element to ensure optimal water quality and clarity for your koi pond. All our designs allow for straightforward pond maintenance and adjustments to your project, providing an efficient and user-friendly system.

Professional Koi Pond Builders

At Essex Aquatics, we offer a professional Koi pond building service and expert advice from our team to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and how we can support you.

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