Natural Ponds in Essex

We specialise in constructing and maintaining large natural ponds and ornamental lakes for a wide range of clients, including local councils, schools, businesses, estates, parks, golf courses, and private properties.

Our services are backed by university level education in aquaculture and freshwater fisheries management, ensuring a professional finish to your natural pond and an eco-friendly and healthy environment for all livestock, wildlife and plants. And with years of experience as pond builders in Essex, our knowledge of aquatic plants guarantees colourful and full plants all year round.

Whether you’ve inherited a natural pond and you’re looking to bring it back to life, or you’re hoping to add one to your grounds to create a picturesque and calming landscape, we have the expertise and equipment to suit your needs. 

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Natural Pond Construction Services

Earls Colne Natural Pond

From digging a small fishing pond to a reservoir or lagoon, our job is to support you in the design and build of your natural pond from start to finish. All our projects include careful site preparation, planning and design and filtration systems.

Your natural pond will be designed to suit your requirements and enhance your landscape. As part of the consultation and design process, we can work with you develop planting plans for aquatic and terrestrial plants including trees, shrubs and grassland areas, as well as stocking plans for fish and other aquatic life.

Depending on your requirements, our natural pond building services can also include things such as:

  • Clay-lined ponds, specialist geo textiles and liners
  • Plants to maintain a balanced ecosystem
  • Aeration pump installation
  • Decorative fountains and water features

Once our initial natural pond construction project has wrapped up, we can support with pond dredging, repairs and other pond maintenance.

Natural Pond Maintenance & Repairs

High Garrett Natural Pond Reline

We also provide natural pond maintenance, repairs and cleaning services to support you with maintaining your pond and ensuring a healthy eco-system. 

If not correctly maintained and cleaned, natural ponds can develop:

  • Smelly and dirty water
  • Algae and vegetation build up
  • Reduction in water depth

Due a lack of oxygen from contaminants, these issues can result in the death of fish and other wildlife to live near or in your natural pond.

Natural ponds typically need pond dredging services every 10-20 years to maintain a balanced eco-system. You should also ensure you regularly check your pond lining in case it needs repairs or replacing from wear and tear. 

Professional Natural Pond Builders in Essex

Whether you have inherited a natural pond on your estate or you’re looking to build a natural pond to add to the landscape, contact Essex Aquatics today for a free consultation and quote.

Natural Pond FAQs

Pick a spot with good sun and away from trees. Although you want your natural pond to be easy to access, make sure it’s not too close to any buildings. This is something we can help you with during the consulation and design phase.

There are several options for maintaining water quality in a natural pond. We can design an eco-friendly pond using plants that will clean the water to create a natural balanced eco-system. Alternatively, we can install specialist filters and pumps to assist with the job.

On a day to day basis, you should try to remove as much debris as possible from your natural pond to prevent it from building up.

Native fish species are popular in natural ponds, such as carp, roach and tench, For plants, use as many as possible to assist with water quality, such as water lilies, dutch rush and yellow flag iris. As part our planting plans, we keep to native plant species as found in the wild.

If your pond has a liner, ensure a high-quality one is used at the time of construction. At Essex Aquatics, we ensure all natural ponds we build use a reliable and premium lining system.

If you do experience leaks in your natural pond, we provide pond repair and replacement services.