Pond Cleaning in Essex

From lakes to small garden ponds, our professional pond cleaning in Essex covers a variety of different water features, including wildlife ponds, natural swimming ponds, koi pondslarge lakes, natural ponds, and more. We have the expertise, training, tools and skills needed to leave your pond water crystal clear and ensure any livestock live in a clean and healthy environment. 

If you’re noticing muddy water, algae build-up, or just a general lack of clarity in your pond, our pond cleaning services can bring your pond back to life. Our team of pond cleaners can remove sludge, treat algae, and balance your pond’s ecosystem using safe methods for both fish and plants.

When you book a pond clean with Essex Aquatics, you can be confident that our team can inspect, advise, supply and resolve any problems with your pond. Ready to book your professional pond clean in Essex? Contact Essex Aquatics today to schedule your pond cleaning service in Essex.

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Benefits of Professional Pond Cleaning

If you have a pond filter, you might be thinking this is enough to keep your pond clean. After all, pond filters are designed to slowly pick up and remove a small number of solids in your pond to keep water clean and clear. Providing they are cleaned and maintained regularly, they are perfect for keeping your pond clean on a day-to-day basis.

However, it’s impossible for pond filters to remove all waste from your pond. Over time, ponds collect dirt from various sources, including:

  • Uneaten fish food
  • Fish & other animal waste
  • Leaves
  • Plant debris
  • Pollen
  • Bird droppings

This dirt collects in pond water and begins to rot slowly at the bottom of your pond or on planting shelves within it. Eventually, it produces sludge or silt, causing your pond water to look murky and discoloured.

It can also have an effect on your pond’s livestock, particularly fish, as poor water quality can cause them distress. This makes fish more susceptible to disease and can even lead to death, so it’s important to take a proactive approach to pond cleaning.

By booking a professional pond clean with Essex Aquatics, you can be sure that all dirt and harmful materials are removed from your pond. And you’ll be left with crystal-clear pond water to enjoy your pond at its best!

The breakdown of this sludge, silt or dirt produce gases, affect the pH of the water and overall water quality.

Our Pond Cleaning Process

Pond Cleaning in Essex and London
Pond Cleaning in Essex and London
Pond Cleaning In Essex and London

Our pond cleaning services are tailored to suit the current state of your pond and what needs to be prioritised. To ensure you regain a crystal-clear pond, here’s what our standard pond cleaning process looks like:

  1. We completely empty your pond, storing all fish, plants and other wildlife in a suitable temporary pond.
  2. We start by cleaning out all dirt and waste by vacuuming or by manual removal.
  3. Next, we power wash your pond liner to remove silt and sludge buildup.
  4. Then, we check and clean your pond filter. 
  5. Throughout this process, we’ll perform health checks on your fish in the temporary pond.
  6. Finally, we refill your pond with fresh water and safely place back all pond life and plants.


Our pond cleaning services can also include:

  • Plant foliage removal
  • Water feature draining and cleaning
  • Light cleaning and servicing

For more information on our pond cleaning process, you can read about a recent project we carried out for Colchester Castle Park. This pond clean involved removing 15 tons of gravel, dismantling a waterfall and storing over 200 fish.

For more information on our pond cleaning services, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Professional Pond Cleaning in Essex

Areas We Cover

Our team of professional pond cleaners in Essex will provide a detailed cleaning plan tailored to your pond’s specific needs. 

We also offer ongoing support and consultation to keep your pond in its best shape long after our cleaning service.

Ready for a Cleaner, Healthier Pond?

Contact Essex Aquatics today to schedule your pond cleaning service in Essex.

Pond Cleaning FAQs

We recommend carrying out pond cleaning every 2/3 years, but this also does depend on the type of pond, size and whether is it maintained regularly.

We would recommend and prefer this is carried out monthly and during summer every two weeks would be perfect.

We would recommend you check your pond pumps at least once a month.

As long as the filters are kept maintained monthly, they should stay clear. However, we would recommend a full clean every 3-5 years depending on variables.

Most standard ponds can be cleaned in one day, while larger ones could take multiple days dependent on the size. This can be discussed during the initial quotation stage.