Pond Maintenance in Essex

Recently inherited a pond needing some TLC? Or looking to reduce your workload and have someone else take care of your pond’s regular maintenance? Or maybe your pond plants are out of control, and your fish are looking a little lethargic? Maintaining your pond is essential for ensuring a long lifespan for your pond and all its livestock. 

Whether we are carrying out pond maintenance for you or you do it yourself, we recommend that pond maintenance is carried out on a monthly basis to ensure your pond is in tip top shape.

With over 10 years of experience, we are proud of our work providing professional pond maintenance in Essex. we specialise in pond cleaning, pond maintenance and pond construction, supporting various sectors and landmarks throughout Essex and London, from working with the council, local schools, business units and your back garden. Our team of qualified experts in fish farming and management ensure your pond is kept in the best possible condition for you to enjoy for years to come.

We manage and maintain a variety of different ponds and lakes for the public and commercial sector, including general garden ponds, swimming ponds, koi ponds, natural ponds, large lakes, commercial lakes and more.

From a one-off call out to regular monthly maintenance care plans, our services providing pond maintenance in Essex ensure your pond is kept in tip-top condition. Contact our friendly team to book your no-obligation quote today.

What Our Customers Say


Benefits of Pond Maintenance

Taking care of your pond is more than just a chore. It’s a way to ensure that your outdoor space stays beautiful and healthy. Regular pond maintenance offers a range of benefits that go beyond just clear water, including:

  • When water quality is good, fish are less likely to get sick, saving you money on fish care products and the stress of losing them.

  • Regular cleaning helps keep your pond water water clear, which is better for fish, plants and any wildlife your pond attracts. And it looks better!

  • Algae can quickly take over a pond if it’s not well-maintained. Regular maintenance helps control algae growth, keeping it from becoming a problem.

  • Filters, pumps, and other pond equipment last longer when they’re kept clean, saving you money in the long run.

  • A clean pond is better for the environment and it’s less likely to attract pests.

With our professional pond maintenance services, you can be sure that your pond is clean and well-maintained, making your pond a place of relaxation rather than a source of stress.

“The pond had not been serviced for some time and was very dirty with a blocked filter, Elliot and his team did a great job, and left my pond looking clear and running properly again, enabling me to see all my fish. I have now booked a regular maintenance service with Essex Aquatics and would highly recommend them” 
– Sandra Owen

Our Pond Maintenance Process

pond maintenance
pond maintenance

When carrying out pond maintenance, we typically do the following:

  • Clean the filters
  • Vacuum the pond bottom (depending on the depth of the pond)
  • Trimming back any overgrown plants
  • Cleaning out the pond pumps
  • Fixing leaks
  • Replacing any broken equipment
  • Replacing UV bulbs and units
  • Inspecting fish health (if needed) and advising on any issues we may have spotted
  • Testing water quality
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • General pond maintenance advice to improve your current pond’s state

Our pond maintenance care plans can be carried out as one-off maintenance or can be set up as monthly visits to ensure your pond is in the best possible shape throughout the year. We don’t tie you into any contracts, meaning you can cancel your pond maintenance at any time.

For more information on our pond maintenance services, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

professional Pond Maintenance in Essex

We provide pond maintenance services for a variety of clients in Essex and London, and no job is too big or too small for our team. With our working knowledge of ponds and all the equipment needed, we can produce the best possible results for your pond and keep it in great condition.

Ready for a Well-Maintained, Healthier Pond?

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Pond Maintenance FAQs

With our pond maintenance care plans we don’t provide a discount, however, by having regular maintenance it could avoid expensive problems in the future.

No pond or lake is to like or large for us here at Essex Aquatics, we are here to reconnect you to nature and bring your pond back to life. Whether your pond is 1M – 100M or 30 meters plus our team are highly experienced with the knowledge, tools and equipment in dealing with various pond sizes and pond maintenance.

For pond maintenance, we recommend checking your pond on a regular basis and carrying out pond maintenance at least once a month.

No, you shouldn’t need chemicals unless there’s an emergency such as an algae bloom.

Various things can help to keep the pond water clear and this can include filters, pumps and plants. If you feel your pond water isn’t clear during our pond maintenance checks we will be able to advise you why, while also supporting in resolving the problem.

When we call you for a pond maintenance estimate what do we need to give you?

If you would like an approximate costing over the phone, please provide us with the length width and depth of the pond. We can also usually also provide a rough estimate from an image.

If not, we can arrange a free call out to come and inspect your pond to see what pond maintenance is required

Yes, we go up to mid Suffolk and we have also been to Maidstone (Kent) however this is usually for our larger pond building projects.