Pond Waterfalls in Essex

Whether gently flowing down a stream or cascading over rocks, waterfalls can bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to your garden. Waterfalls make a great addition to any pond as they are a low-maintenance feature that instantly enhances your existing pond or lake. They also serve a practical function by aerating and oxygenating the water, bringing balance back into nature.

What are pond waterfalls?

Pond Waterfalls are a type of garden pond that includes a waterfall feature. The water in a pond waterfall flows from a higher point to a lower point, and the elevation change creates a waterfall. We use a pump situated within a pond to pump up to the highest point. The water then flows back into the pond, creating a cycle. 

Essex Aquatics takes care of the whole process, from design to installation and maintenance. We can help you choose the right size, shape, and materials for your pond waterfall and set up the best pump and filtration system for your needs. This ensures your pond water stays clean and clear, which is important for the health of any fish, plants or wildlife in your pond.

With our experience as pond builders in Essex, we can build waterfalls into your pond at the same time as the rest of the pond, or we can build them into existing ponds.

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Benefits of Pond Waterfalls

Pond Waterfalls offer a range of benefits that go beyond just being a pretty feature in your garden. 

Relaxing Atmosphere

The sound of flowing water creates a calming effect, which can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Pond Waterfalls also look great all year round, not just in the summer months. 

Low Maintenance

Once set up, pond waterfalls require less upkeep compared to still-water ponds, as water movement helps to keep the pond clean. A garden pond waterfall still requires pond maintenance, but not as frequently as a still-water pond. 

Wildlife Attraction

Moving water helps to oxygenate your pond, which is good for livestock and plants. It also makes it less likely for mosquitoes to breed in the water since they prefer still water. Don’t worry, your pond waterfall can still attract various types of wildlife, like birds, frogs, and insects!


You don’t need a large garden to install a pond waterfall. They can be designed to fit smaller spaces while still offering all the benefits. You can also tailor the look and sound of your waterfall. Whether you want a gentle flow or a dramatic drop, you have control over its design.


At Essex Aquatics, we use modern pumps that are energy-efficient and can run a waterfall without using a lot of electricity, making them a budget-friendly option to upgrade the aesthetics of your garden and home.

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Pondless Waterfalls

Not every home or business has the space to install a pond, but many still want the calming sounds of water and a beautiful water feature. Pondless waterfalls are a great option for this. 

The primary difference between a pondless waterfall and a waterfall on a traditional pond is that it uses a hidden reservoir to hold the water. The pump is situated in this reservoir and recirculates as a normal pond waterfall. The only maintenance it will require is the occasional topping up of the reservoir and the removal of leaves and debris. 

If you’re concerned about having a main body of water in your garden, pondless waterfalls also provide a safe and picturesque alternative.

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Pond Waterfall FAQs

Pond waterfalls are water features that combine a pond with a cascading waterfall. They work by using a pump to circulate water from the pond up to the top of the waterfall. The water then flows back down, creating a soothing visual and auditory effect.

Good plants for a pond waterfall include Water Forget-me-nots, Creeping Jenny and Water Mint. These will help blend a rock edge into the surrounding ground and give a great natural look. These plants not only look nice but also help keep the water clean. Choosing native plants works best for all ponds in the UK to ensure they are suited for our climate. 

To keep a pond waterfall in good shape, it should be cleaned regularly along with the pump and filter. Remove leaves and debris, and treat the water as needed to control algae. Regular care keeps the water clear and the system running smoothly.

Yes, you can have fish like koi or goldfish in a pond waterfall. The moving water helps with oxygen levels, which is good for fish. However, make sure the pond is deep enough and has hiding spots for the fish.

Pond waterfalls can be safe for kids and pets if you take precautions. Use barriers like fences or rocks to keep them away from the water. Always supervise kids and pets when they are near the pond.

A well-maintained pond waterfall can boost your home’s value. It adds a unique feature that many buyers find appealing. However, a poorly kept pond can have the opposite effect, so regular maintenance is key.