Colchester Castle Park

The Castle Park Ornamental Pond is a highlight within grounds of Colchester Castle Park sited just below the main castle that dates back to Roman times.

Colchester Borough Council contacted us initially with the problem that the ornamental pond leaked and needed to know the best course of action.

We drained and cleaned the pond, which involved removing 15tons of gravel, dismantling the waterfall and storing in excess of 200 fish. Once all of the muck had been removed the pond was thoroughly jetwashed and inspected. The pond seemed in good condition so the decision was made to fibreglass finishing in black.

Unfortunately the night before the fish were due to be returned a vandal broke into the area and slashed both the temporary pools, thankfully some of the parks staff were onsite at 5am to begin saving the fish. Regrettably all of the prized koi died.

Now the pond is watertight , the waterfall has been rebuilt, gravel filter cleaned and returned and the remaining fish are back in the pond and doing well!