Paddington Recreation Park

We received an enquiry from a garden designer who works in conjunction with the parks team based in Paddington, London. The idea and project was to create a large lazy brook/waterfall feature which was to be sited in an unused area beside an outdoor learning classroom that children could use as part of their education.

There are naturally formed wildlife ponds beside the area full of plants, insects and small fish, a primary concern they had was the fact they were worried that a pump to feed the new waterfall would suck in and potentially harm the wildlife. We suggested that we should construct one or our pondless waterfalls that uses a sunken reservoir to store water for the lazy brook thus eliminating the need to draw water from the wildlife ponds, making the whole project safer for wildlife and the children.

We brought in 15 tons of Sandstone and Celtic boulders along with additional cobbles and pebbles to complete the job, these had to be brought in over a brand new astro turf so special consideration was taken to board and protect this as well as being in a public park with large machinery. Essex Aquatics worked with the parks team and designer to co-ordinate a stress free solution to all of the problems.

The result is an interactive waterfall/lazy brook area that has various areas of pooling, fast water and slow water areas. Fully planted it can attract more wildlife and become an interesting feature for children to learn and play with.