Pond Refurbishment

John called us in at the turn of the year in 2018 to survey his pond and to suggest improvements, he is developing his property and has a large natural clay lined pond in his back garden that is largely overgrown and had a lot of silt. We suggested draining the pond down, dredging out all of the silt, removal of overgrowing Iris, re puddling the clay as a start. To help the aesthetics and landscape the pond we further suggested installing a rock edge, constructing a large waterfall. To help with water quality and to stop the pond go stagnant we have the water movement from the waterfall, installing a large air pump with air stones, and to have a large planted gravel filter. As you can see from the start to finish pictures it looks completely different and has vastly improved the look of the pond as well as benefiting the garden and the whole of the property. It is now ready to be stocked with fish.


Brentwood Pond Refurbishment


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