Wildlife Pond

Giles moved into the property a few months ago and wanted to refurbish his pond to attract frogs, newts and other wildlife.

At present the pond was full of silt, overgrown iris, the liner had several holes so it wasn’t holding water plus it wasn’t level

We suggested a small wildlife eco-pond without a pump and filter but to use plants, rocks and gravel to help keep the water clear and healthy. Also with the variety of rocks there will numerous refuges for the frogs to hide in from predators plus plenty of swimming room with easy access in and out of the water.

We came in removed all of the water, distributed the excess silt over the existing flower beds, removed old liner and cut back overgrowing vegetation. A laser level was used to form a rock shelf all the way around the pond and a flat base, a variety of rock and gravel was brought in. A high quality felt underlay was laid in the pond before we installed the rubber pond liner, then another layer of felt was laid on top before the pond was decorated with rocks and gravel. Everything was washed down before filling, previous Iris was cut back and replanted in various locations. We will be returning to plant up some more in the summer.