Siltex & Silt Control

Essex Aquatics are experienced and skilled in applying siltex across a broad range of water bodies including large lakes and rivers. Essex Aquatics works UK wide in supplying and applying siltex. We work can work out the quantity needed, examine the extent of the problem, supply and apply the product making it hassle free for you as a client.


Siltex is a calcium carbonate product that is highly porous therefore highly absorbant and effective. Siltex is a natural product therefore has no harmful effect and completely safe to the environment and water body in question.

Siltex is a fantastic product to apply as it has so many benefits.

Siltex decreases amount of silt by breaking down organic matter

Siltex increases the amount of calcium carbonate available which is used by invertebrates and macrophytes

Siltex can help decrease weed/blanket weed by promoting the growth of other plant and bug species

Siltex improves the stability of the waters pH and helps bring it to a more neutral level

Siltex can impove water clarity and definitly improves biodiversity

As a rule of thumb it is essential to apply water to the whole of the water body and not just the ‘worst effected’ areas. It is also recommended that after the first application it should be closely monitored and generally speaking two applications of Siltex should be applied.

Examples of Our Work

Essex Aquatics have been employed to apply siltex on a number of different projects, usual work includes:

Public waters that contain a large number of ducks, excess faecal matter and breakdown of bread has led to a high amount of organic silt being present

Waters with a high quantity of deciduous trees and aquatic plants, the organic waste has collected on the bottom leading to a large silt problem.

One off applications to fisheries to improve water quality, combat high bait usage and algal problems. Normally used in conjunction with environmental improvements such as planting of aquatic macrophytes.

Pricing and information

Price depends on size of water and location, Siltex need not cost the earth and can be usually carried out within a day. Siltex applications are best carried out during the cooler months of the year (October to April) to minimise disruption to the biology of the water body in question, however Siltex can be applied all year round if strictly necessary. If you would like a no obilgations Siltex application quote please do not hesitate to email us on or ring Elliot on 07732197496, we should be able to get back to you within 2-3 working days with an accurate figure.