Stocking and Stock Management

Fish Stocks and their welfare are of high priority to all fisheries alike. Having a high healthy stock of fish can attract anglers and generate more revenue but these need to be properly managed and it is easy to get it wrong. Any small effects on your stock can quickly produce a negative effect such as ill, sick, malnurished fish along with eventual fish kills and depleted stocks.


We can provide and stock all species of fish from our specially selected fish farms. All fish are of the highest standard and go through rigorous quality checks. We also deal with all the paper work allowing you a stress free fish stocking.

However it is recommended that we make a thorough assessment to the lake, river in question before any fish are introduced. Making sure that one stocking will be beneficial, the correct quantities of fish and species are ordered to provide the correct solution and do not result in a negative impact to the fishery.

Stock Management

As previously mentioned fish stock management is a thing not to be taken lightly and often there can be a fine line between success and failure.

Overstocking is a common downfall for most fisheries, high stocking densities of 650lb/acre + may seem like a good idea at the time and may even prove successful for a period of time but eventually you may see detrimental effects like:

Increase Disease in Fish Stocks
Skinny/Malnurished Fish due to Increased Competition for Food
Poor Water Quality: decreased dissolved oxygen, increased suspended solids and toxins
Reduction in Other Aquatic Life (Plants and Invertebrates)

Stock Assessments

We carry out Seine Netting and Electrofishing, these can be carried out for stock assessments of for fish removals. It is again suggested that we carry out an assessment be made before any of these methods are deployed.

These Seine Netting and Electrofishing and Anglers reports can prove to be invaluable pieces of information about actual stock levels as well as recruitment, stock health, growth rates, unknown introductions of other species, ageing etc.

Sometimes Seine Netting and Electrofishing can prove difficult due to financial restraint and the nature of the fishery involved. It is then necessary to use other methods such as fyke netting or anglers reports these again have their downfalls but we are able to make good judgement by collecting and interpreting the data in a way that can be used by the fishery as a valuable business tool.

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